Plasma polishing can be applied to a wide range of metal alloys, even titanium can be processed. A list of the most common materials can be found here: Materials. EPP is more accurate than conventional polishing processes such as barreling and electropolishing. Due to the absence of acids it also is more environmentally friendly than other processes. We have a quick turnaround and keep prices per product low. The roughness (Ra <0.05) and dimensions are highly reproducible. EPP is very suitable for complex shapes, and can also be applied for internal polishing.


  • High gloss surface (aesthetic)
  • Low roughness (Ra <0.05 μm)
  • Thin surface layer is influenced (Retain details)
  • Low material removal rate (MRR)
  • Deburring & corner radiusing
  • Internal processing possible
  • No mechanical stress
  • Degreasing / Cleaning



  • Machine parts
  • Instrumentation
  • Equipment
  • Labware
  • Molds / dies 


  • Dentistry (prostheses)
  • Jaw surgery (implants)
  •  Cardiology (stents)
  •  Orthopaedics (artificial joints)
  • Ophthalmology (tools)

Other industries:

  • Food
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace / Avionics
  • Defense
  • Research & Development
  • Petrochemistry