In the process chamber a permanent plasma cloud is formed, similar to ball lightning. This artificial plasma has a multitude of effects, products which are submerged into the plasma get polished to a very high gloss finish, are degreased and deburred in a short period of time. Unlike alternative polishing methods this technique is relatively environmently friendly, since no acids are used.


Polishing originally was a fine sanding process and is still commonly used, eventhough finer rubbing compounds may be used it still is an uneven process and a lot of material is removed. As a result, in the final stages of production the tolerances and accuracy of any preceding manufacturing steps are lost. Since plasma polishing only affects a very thin surface layer and the material removal rate is very low, the dimensions are kept intact. Moreover the material removal is predictable, so the unpolished product can be made such that after the polishing process the dimensions are as required.